Marco Pennacchiotti

Research Scientist
Yahoo! Labs
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
e-mail: phone: +1 408 349 8786 fax: +1 448 8599

  • Path Search Through FrameNet [web page]
    A web application to find paths between two frames in the FrameNet hierarchy. It allows to save results in XML and queries via HTTP request.

  • FATE [download page]
    FrameNet-Annotated Textual Entailment : a manually crafted frame-annotated RTE corpus. FATE consists of the 800 (T;H) entailment pairs from the RTE-2 Challenge test set, annotated with frame and semantic role labels from FrameNet 1.3.

  • Semi-supervised SRL for event nouns [download page]
    The nominalization dataset we used for the experiments in our COLING 2008 paper ''Semantic role assignment for event nominalisations by leveraging verbal data.''.

  • Relation Extraction [download]
    The set of seeds used by our Espresso system in the experiment described in our ACL 2006 paper: ''Espresso: A Bootstrapping Algorithm for Automatically Harvesting Semantic Relations''.

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