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Dovrei cambiare l'oggetto dei miei desideri
non accontentarmi di piccole gioie quotidiane
fare come un eremita che rinuncia a sé.

Emanciparmi dall'incubo delle passioni
cercare l'Uno al di sopra del Bene e del Male
essere un'immagine divina di questa realtà.

[Franco Battiato, E ti vengo a cercare]

Italian Songs and Cartoons from my Childhood
( via dei matti numero 0)

A mixed messy list of songs I used to listen on my red 45's player, best known as 'Mangiadischi'.

Also, the opening theme videos of some of my favourite cartoons (old and recent...):
heidi lupin puffi ..and then my favourite TV misc:
Finally, the best Italian commercials form the 80ies:

MeSsInG iT Up ...

What would be life without passion? What would be a day without a look at the Sun?
...Maybe it would be a Monet without colours or a song without melody.
365 days for 24 hours a day, multiplied by 60 minutes and 60 seconds.
It makes a lot of time!

RuNnInG NoWhErE...

...Well, I spend much of this time running and running on the green hills of my beloved countryside. It's really a hard job to leave my cosy University room and putting myself on steep climbs, whatever the weather is, rain or Sun, ice or hot.
Despite all, I'm still hanging on and after I caught my dream in April 2005 (finish my first Marathon under 3 hours) I'm planning to push more and more... Here is a diary of my first marathon.

Race Season 2007/2008
Since September 2007 I joined the LSG Saarbrücken Sulzbachtal Mittelstrecke und Langlauf team. These are my races so far:

Westspangenlauf (road)10 km.14 Oct.36:018 (/598)
Corpo des Douanes (cross)8,4 km.10 Nov.32:03 15 (/200)
Advent Lauf Saarbrucken (road)10 km.25 Nov.35:07 (P.R.)18 (/503)
Ottweiler Nachtwächterlauf (road)10 km.8 Dec.35:2110 (/519)

My Marathons and Half-Marathons 2005/2007
Roma - Ostia 200521,097 km.23 Feb. 20051:27,26723 (over 6000 ca)
London Marathon42,195 km.17 Apr. 20052:59,371101 (/45000)
Los Angeles Marathon42,195 km.19 Mar. 20062:57,0299 (/25000)
Mezza dei Castelli Romani21,097 km.1 Oct. 20061:24,0421 (/568)
Roma - Ostia 200721,097 km.25 Feb. 20071:20,50350 (/7901)
Turin Marathon42,195 km.15 Apr 2007
(my 30th birthday!!)
cramps!! prrr

Best Results 2006
Pat Connelly St.Patrick - Los Angeles10 km.5 Mar.36:089 (/500)
Italian Championship Libertas (cat.M30)800m.11 Giu.2:12,561st
Regional Championship round-3 (cat.M30)800m.1 Jul.2:08,601st
Su e giu' per il lago (Genzano)10 km.17 Sep.37:435 (/58)

Future plans...
Boston Marathon
Roma Marathon
Berlin Marathon

Epic plans...
Sahara 100 km. Ultra Marathon
Marathon des Sables

LiViNg On ThE EdGe

When the air gets colder, when the wind turns frosty, when the first snow starts to fall on the nearest mountain...
well, this is the time I wake up at 6:00 on Saturday morning and I leave to Rocca Pia, where unspoilt spots and virgin powder are waiting for my snowboard.

DaFuCsUde: WrOnG NoTeS

Ok, after all I still have some free time after dinner...
a Strato and a bunch of good friends are the ideal mix for making some noise!...out of tune, of course! After a few years of unsuccesful practicing, the band finally got a name: Dafucsude ("DAi FUoco alla Chitarra e SUonale coi DEnti"..."Give fire to the guitar and play it with the teeth"). We even dared going to stage and to a studio. Someone (namely, a drunk untrustable man after one of our gigs) defined our music bit-garage 65. I don't know what it means! If you do please e-mail me! :-)

BaCkPaCKiNg tHe GlObE

Stop and take a breathe. Look around yourself.
Once in a while leave your home and walk. It doesn't matter where, it matters how.
Take your backpack, a map, a pair of shoes.
Meet people, talk with them and open your heart to the wise ones.
Find the most hidden pats, the greenest hills, the highest mountain, the undiscovered beach.
There, stay in silence, close your eyes, breathe the air, feel the wind, then look at the bird struggling the zephyr, the dolphin jumping the wave, the wolves glancing at you.
Stop and take a breathe, sometimes, and dream...

Backpacked countries so far...
Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Faroe Islands, France, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lesotho, Malta, Netherlands, Paraguay, Scotland, South Africa, Swaziland, Switzerland, United States of America, the Artic Circle

Future plans...
Australia, Canada, Madagascar, St.Petersburg-NorthCape by bike

Epic journey...
1. Patagonia - Tierra del Fuego - Antarctica
2. Artic Circle circumnavigation

The GreEn PeAcE

I believe that despite all the contradictions and all our unsolved innermost questions, my generation still has ideals and ideas.
I think nobody should leave our World sinking as it is happening. I have decided to turn my energies and my heart to give my small contribution to save our sole planet Gaia, in all of its forms, plants, whales, dolphins, rinos, eagles, ants, soil, mud, air, wind...

I LoVe ...

An incomplete and unordered list of what I love and like ...
I don't know why you should be interested anyway

Homer Simpson. Girls with short hair. Snowboarding. Movies with Johnny Depp. Movies by Tim Burton. Music with some kind of original melody. My band music without original melodies. Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow, but unfortunately they both live in the US. The untouched snow powder after a long solitary hiking. The touched snow powder after my snowboard passage. The ocean at sunset and the mountain at dawn. The sound of the waves and the silence of the peaks. My left-handed Stratocaster. My regular Burton Custom. A cup of tea with biscuits after dinner. My mother Christmas chocolates. Running marathons. Running half-marathons. Running 800 meters. Mike Oldfield 'The Songs of the Distant Earth'. Joe Satriani 'The Extremist'. Scotland. Ireland. Biers from Scotland and Ireland. People from Scotland and Ireland. Music from Scotland and Ireland. (should I move to Scotland or Ireland?). The view from the Getty Museum in LA. Swatziland villages with smiling kids and without electricity. Backpacking. Guinness. Rock in all its shades. My old school books on arts and history. Backpack badges. The Skelligs Islands as they where 10 years ago (Ireland). Fair Island as it is today (Scotland). The coast of Faroes. The Artic Sea I swam in Iceland. Umbria, Toscana and Sardegna (Italy). Biking from ISI to my apartment in Venice Beach. The Olympic Games. The Soccer World Cup 2006. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Daniel Pennac. Sushi. Lonely Planet Guides. People who make questions. People who have questions. Those crappy documentaries on the Templars and other Medieval mysteries. Il Mondo di Quark. Discovering something new. Sleeping in my sleeping-bag. Pastasciutta. Tic-Tac orange flavour. Cuba-libre. Movies without a happy end (especially when the hero dies or the couple splits!...too funny). Independent women. Indiana Jones. Apu. The Secret of Monkey Island. Lying on the grass. Barbeque. Cape Agulhas. Standing on a boat heading North. Rob Roy and Local Hero. Being by myself. The Impressionists. Churrasco. Feijoada. Celtic music. The homeless who helped me in Santa Monica. Mark Knopfler touch and David Gilmour bending. Scottish ruins. The Swiss Alps. Whistler double diamonds. Roccaraso freerides. The FS. The Dafucsude. Franco Battiato. Fabrizio De Andre'. Animals. Dolphins. Dogs. Eating at Conference Coffee Breaks (at least you don't have to speak to people). Romanic and Gothic architecture. Roma. Itchy and Scratchy show. Boe's. Ladyhawk, Antarctica, Bladerunner and Russian Poupees soundtracks. The Lord of The Rings (the book). Austin Powers and Maria Full of Grace (the movies). Trying to cook. Girls with dreams. People with dreams. The road to the Drakensberg (South Africa). Listening to other drivers music at the traffic light. My old t-shirts. The last day of the last edition of the Big Brother (if it will ever come). Some sad poetries (Yeats et similia). The March of the Penguins. Reading on the beach. Wind. A lot of wind. The Ocean in winter. New Balance running shoes. Swimming under Hawaian waterfalls. Hot showers. The Coachella music festival. Movies where someone or something tries to wipe-out the World but a bunch of heroes saves us all. Greenpeace and Emergency volunteers that are not actually heroes, but save the World everyday. Swiss and French cheese. Cannonau (Italian Red Wine). Purceddu. Hokuto No Ken. The Friends TV series. Norah Jones and Elisa voices. Reading Mickey Mouse. Pubs. Watching planes and guessing where they head. People that listen.

Shoulder dislocation over a powder jump, 1st Jan 2008, France Alps

Shoulder dislocation over a powder jump, 1st Jan 2008, France Alps

Shoulder dislocation over a powder jump, 1st Jan 2008, France Alps
Injury on France Alps. Jan 2008.
(photos C.Mancini)
Legolas 2004, 2008